Childcare available all day from 8am to 6pm through our link with Corby Kids Club

Welcome to Corby Glen Playgroup

This month is our Committee AGM - all parets are invited to attend.

Wednesday 11th November @ 19:30 Woodhouse Arms, Corby Glen (its always best to check with setting to ensure a couple of days beforehand to ensure there have been no last minute changes)

Corby Glen Playgroup is a family orientated, charity run group located at the Ron Dawson Centre situated on the Swinstead Road, Corby Glen.

Formerly known as the Hanby and Corby Glen Playgroup, we have been operating since 1969 and have an open door policy for Parents and Partners. This allows us to have daily contact with parents and carers as they bring their children into setting, and when they are collected at the end of session.

Volunteers always needed for activities (art / storytelling / physical play / song time / snack time)
Please contact Susan or Catherine to offer your support.

Latest News

Bargain sessions are still available! We are quite busy at the moment, and while this means that the sessions won’t be as flexible, wherever possible we will try to accommodate your little ones.

If you feel you could spare a few hours a week to volunteer at the playgroup, reading stories, helping with cooking, arts and crafts, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on 07951918138, visit our Facebook page or website, and get in touch with us.

Our core aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide a happy and secure environment for the children in our care
  • Allow the children in our care to have fun and make friends
  • Support and actively encourage parental involvement
  • Provide to the children in our care a wide range of play and educational experiences
  • Meet the child care needs of our local communities at an affordable rate for everybody
  • Liaise with our local schools, colleges and other agencies to provide a high standard of care

Parents as Partners

Corby Glen Playgroup operates an open door policy; this allows us to have daily contact with parents and carers as they bring their children into setting, and when they are collected at the end of session.

We allow time at the start and end of sessions to chat and share information with parents and carers about their child and what has happened since we last saw them and then what has been achieved during the session We feel that this information sharing time is valuable not only to the setting but to the child and the parents as well. The information gained during this time is not recorded but is shared between staff as required, however if information received about the children needs recording this will be done in an appropriate manner according to the settings guidelines.

We are a small, friendly setting and feel that although every child has two named key persons all of the staff in the setting have a good relationship with all children and parents, thus making information sharing achievable.

Parents and carers can approach staff at anytime during drop off and collection and there is always an area available for more private and confidential discussion should the need arise.

Should parents or carers require a more formal meeting this can be arranged at a time most suitable for all concerned.

At Corby Glen Playgroup we welcome comments and ideas from parents, which can benefit the children and the setting, we also welcome parents who may wish to volunteer during sessions either on a regular basis or when they feel they would like to be involved.

Throughout the year we hold various events to which families are invited, these range from coffee mornings, fund raising events, sports day, trips and a variety of other events. We also encourage parents and carers to become involved by joining the committee, through which the playgroup is run. If you would like details about the committee please ask the manager.


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Play equipment at Lincolnshire playgroup

Do you want us to look after your child for a morning, an afternoon, or a whole day? Call us on 07951 918 138 or 07971 876 094


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